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Leaders of Bureau of Commerce of Hefei came to TNJ for inspection and guidance


On the afternoon of April 13th, Du Juan, Deputy Director of the Shushan District Bureau of Commerce, and Feng Jiwei, Section Chief of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Section, visited our company to carry out the "Four Get One Service" work and conducted a field investigation.

At the beginning of 2021, with the global epidemic, sea freight and raw material prices rising sharply, the current severe situation of foreign trade export business will be further aggravated. The Ministry of Commerce at all levels of the provinces, municipalities, and municipalities continue to strengthen policy support and assistance to enterprises, focusing on the "four-for-one-served" policy, keeping a close eye on the development trend of domestic and foreign epidemics and changes in international economic trends in order to help enterprises explore the market. During the visit of the leaders of Shushan District, they inquired and learned about our company's business conditions such as orders, production operations, export markets, and foreign exchange collection risks in detail.

During the meeting, the general manager of our company gave a detailed report on the actual performance and annual indicators of the first quarter of this year, and the leadership of our company was unanimously affirmed by the continued growth of the level of export performance. The leader pointed out that the international market situation is changing, and the competent authorities at all levels will increase their efforts to help enterprises develop channels and provide policy support. Enterprises need to focus on innovation to enhance competitiveness and work together to overcome the difficulties!