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TNJ Chemical attended the Africa Big 7 (Food exhibition) in Johannesburg SA

06-23, 2023

From June 18 to 20, Africa's Big 7 (Food and Food Processing Exhibition) was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ms. Sophia Zhang led a team of 4 sales personnel from TNJ Chemical International Marketing Department to participate in the exhibition. During this period, there was a continuous stream of guests in front of the company's booth, and there were constant inquiries from guests in the exhibition hall.

At this exhibition, TNJ Chemical grandly launched its main product food additive series, such as sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Since 2007, TNJ Chemical has been focusing on expanding into the South African market. As a major agricultural country, there is a high demand for food additives. So far, the company's annual sales of food additive products to the South African market have reached over 8 million US dollars. During the exhibition, Ms. Zhang visited South African chemical warehouse.

Through this exhibition, the company collected some business cards from potential customers and conducted preliminary on-site communication, laying the foundation for further cooperation.